Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Craig Watkins releases new John F. Kennedy assassination information and Fidel Castro resigns the same day.

Coincidence? I think not.

Where's Jim Garrison when you need him?

Here are the facts as I understand them. Watkins, the Dallas County District Attorney, learned of a safe full of JFK shooting info that's been sitting around the DA's office for 45 years or so. They include at least some physical evidence (clothes, brass knuckles, a holster -- you know, the usual stuff) and an alleged transcript describing pre-assassination conversations between Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby conducted Ruby's strip club.

Moreover, the DA's office has known the stuff was there all this time and, I suppose, just never got around to telling anyone. Now Billy Clyde understands that there's a backlog in our criminal justice system. But am I the only one who thinks this is a little extreme? It strains credulity to think NO ONE in Dallas County government caught wind of the Warren Commission or the three major Congressional inquiries or the scores of books and movies on this subject.

I challenge the biggest conspiracy theorist on the planet to suggest that the Dallas County District Attorney's office was in cohoots with Cuba, the Soviets, the CIA, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Mafia. That's not a secret that the gossip hounds at the courthouse could keep for a day -- much less half a century.

As they say on late night infomercials .. but wait, there's more!

Some law enforcement and professional JFK buffs said that what was released was not an actual Oswald-Ruby transcript but -- now fasten your seat belts for this one -- a movie script written by legendary Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade.

Man, I find that hard to believe. Although Billy Clyde only briefly met Mr. Wade a few times, he sure didn't come across as a Hollywood wannabe. If I had to bet, my best guess is that he never even went to the movies -- much less aspired to be a part of the Tinseltown scene.

Governor Connally, who got himself shot up pretty that day, never believed in the Lone Gunman theory or the Magic Bullet theory.

Billy Clyde has no idea what to believe. Except that the DA's office ouught to take all its decades-old files out to the Grassy Knoll every so often and have a look-see. Call it an office picnic.


Color Me Cynical said...

BC - Check out the new documentary on the Kennedy assasination on the History Channel. They use digital monitoring based on every frame of the Zapruder film to show that based upon where Kennedy and Connally were sitting in the limousine (Kennedy was further outside), and based upon the way the two were turning at the time the bullet hit (Connally twisted to his right after the first shot missed), the bullet that hit Kennedy and Connally was actually in an absolutely straight line.

Until seeing that video, I had never believed in the single gunman theory, but it does seem at least plausible based upon the new forensic science applied in that show.

Anonymous said...

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